Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls Je Joue Ami Je Joue Ami
Je Joue Ami

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Je Joue Ami Kegel Balls

Je Joue

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Ami pelvic floor weights by Je Joue allow you to improve your sexual performance while taking care of important feminine health needs. Just as your partner may notice changes in your body when you start hitting the gym hard, they will notice when you start playing with these weights in your free time. Your pelvic floor muscles will become stronger and your vaginal canal will become tighter. Consider this a gift of love as you give your partner a surprising yet pleasing vaginal squeeze.

Je Joue Ami weights come as a set of three. The smallest, lightest weight is designed to get your pelvic floor muscles started with a single ball that is easy to insert. The middle-sized weight will present more of a challenge with just a bit of added weight and a double-ball design. Save the largest weight until your pelvic floor muscles are strong enough to handle more aggressive play with two heavy balls.

As you exercise your pelvic floor muscles, you will experience sexual pleasure that makes you want to exercise more and more. Tease yourself and enjoy the process, knowing your pleasure zone is becoming tighter and stronger with every exercise session. Use those tight muscles during romantic encounters so that your partner appreciates your hard work.

Stronger pelvic muscles are less likely to present signs of urinary incontinence and are better able to handle the strain of childbirth. Your vaginal health depends on strong, tight muscles able to withstand the natural changes your body experiences as you age. Je Joue Ami weights are the most natural way to take care of those health needs, and they are quite relaxing and pleasurable as well.

  • Set of 3 weights for effective progression
  • 100% body safe
  • Silicone and ABS plastic
  • Phthalate free
  • Use with water-based lubricants

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Material Body safe silicon / ABS plastic
Bead Size 28, 32, 36 mm
Weight0.0 kg
Size3.6cm x 3.6cm x 11.1cm
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