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Booty Parlor

Booty Parlor

Booty Parlor is a US lifestyle brand, founded by hip married couple Charlie and Dana B. Myers in 2004. It was conceived on the premise that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have (and we completely agree with this!).

All products are designed to boost a woman's confidence and inspire sexy experiences. With seductive packaging, Booty Parlor are certainly helping to take sexy mainstream.

Purchase your Booty Parlor adult toys in Australia at Mimi De Luxe and we'll give you free delivery and free returns should you need it for the life of the warranty.

Booty Parlor have a growing list of A-list celebrity admirers such as Tori Spelling, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Love Hewitt and even Angelina Jolie is rumoured to have a pair of the Booty Parlor Vibrating Panties!


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