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Dildos have come a long way from their phallic roots. Most are just as friendly to the environment as they are to your body. Leading brands like Laid, Toynary, and Key by Jopen offer artistic silicone dildos that are entirely bodysafe. Each end offers a unique shape, so you can share your toy or keep all the pleasure to yourself.

If you want something that could sit on your dresser and look more like a part of the room décor than a toy, Laid and nJoy, aluminium and stone sex toys are so gorgeous you will want to collect them. nJoy designs are not only fun to look at and hold, but they also turn every play session into a sensual experience. Heat them up or cool them down to change the sensation.

The stone dildo offered by Laid is just as artfully crafted as the glass dildos, and it is perfect for male use. While it definitely gets the job done when needed, it could just as easily become a display item next to your bed. That is the beauty of modern dildos. They don't vibrate, but they are known to turn tricks while leaving your hand in control.

All dildos purchased at Mimi De Luxe are delivered free in Australia and are entirely body safe.