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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still open in Covid-19?

Yes, for more information read our delivery page for more updates.

Do your products come with Australian chargers?

Yes, all of our products that are rechargeable come with Australian chargers or USB chargers.

Do you ship outside of Australia?

We have partnered with the USA's leading supplier and now offer international delivery with Mimi De Luxe Worldwide.

What lubricant should I use?

If you are going to use with a sex toy, then a water based lubricant is safe with all toys we sell. Never use a silicone lubricant on a silicone sex toy.

If you are planning to use the toy in water then an oil based lubricant works best.

Please note oil based lubricants are not compatible with condoms and generally not recommended for use with sex toys.

For more information read our Guide to Sex Toys.

I've lost my user manual or would like to read one before I buy?

We've collected as many user manuals as possible from our manufacturers and download them all here on the user manuals page.

I live in the UK and can't select it as my shipping country

You need to click the flag in the top left corner to change the site to the UK. This will allow you to shop in sterling and get next day delivery. It will also empty your cart.

How will the order appear on my credit card?

It will appear as Rocket Pants, our parent company, not Mimi De Luxe, so no one will ever know!

How can I pay for my order?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and Direct Deposit. If you pay via Direct Deposit you will receive an email with our bank details. otherwise you can find them here.

Do you store my credit card?

No, your payment is processed live via our third party payment gateway provider, PinPayments. Read more about our payment security.

How will the package arrive? I don't want my secretary to collect a box labelled sex toys?

All Australian packages arrive in either in an Australia Post Express Post satchel, or a plain cardboard box. There is no reference to Mimi De Luxe on the outside of the package.

Will you send me mail order catalogues in the future, with booby women on the cover?

Afraid not, not only is it bad for the environment, but it's not very discreet is it! The only thing you'll ever receive in the post will be your products. Everything else we do is electronic.

Can I return my order?

Regrettably some products can not be returned, these are mostly adult toys, liquids and knickers. Please see our returns policy for detailed information.

How do I reset my password?

Once you enter your email address and press forgot password, a new password will be emailed to you, so please check your email.

How does the 10% off work?

You will be emailed a 10% off voucher code (so long as you haven't signed up before), so you need to check your email to retrieve the code and follow the instructions below to apply it.

Where do I input my coupon code?

To use your code, click the VOUCHER CODE button on the left hand column of the checkout page (see screenshot below), this is after the shopping cart page, after you enter your name and email address. Please note the checkout page is the last page of the checkout and the Voucher Code is under your delivery address. Then add your code in the popup where it says Enter your voucher code in the space below. Press SAVE button.

How to enter your voucher code

I have a question that is not answered here

Great, contact us and we'll answer it, then add it here.