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Ben Wa Balls & Kegel Exercise

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Ben Wa Balls, also known as Love Balls, strengthen and tighten your pelvic floor muscles in a pleasurable manner. You depend on these muscles on long car rides when you have 60 kms until the next restroom. A healthy, strong pelvic floor will also allow greater sexual stimulation, resulting in more powerful orgasms. Tighter muscles naturally lead to explosions that you want to keep going and going.

Traditional Ben Wa Balls are made from metal and aren't body safe, so Kegel Balls have become a popular alternative for kegel exercises and sexual stimulation. These balls are entirely body safe, so you can insert them for longer periods of pelvic floor training. You can also buy Kegal beads that vibrate and rotate, allowing them to double as sex toys for personal pleasure. 

Nalone Miu Miu offers vibrating kegel balls that come with a wireless remote control. You can change the vibration speed as your pelvic floor gets stronger or pass the remote to someone you trust and let them surprise you at unexpected moments.

Do you want pelvic floor weights that don't vibrate and rotate? You can keep it simple with Je Joue Ami pelvic floor weights. You can start with the smallest weight and move up to the larger weights as you gain strength. Not only will you find long road trips with distant restrooms easier to handle, but you will notice a significant difference in the power of your orgasms. Your lover may notice the difference as well.