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Personal Massager

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Crave Pocket Vibe


$209.95 $179.95
Zalo Hero Clitoral Massager


$184.95 $179.95
Dame Products Pom Flexible Vibrator

Dame Products

$249.95 $154.95
Doxy Massaging Wand


Lelo Lyla 2 Massager


We-Vibe Tango II Bullet Vibrator

We Vibe

$109.95 $89.95
Fresh by Leaf Massager

Leaf by Swan

Life by Leaf Massager

Leaf by Swan

Fresh Plus by Leaf Massager

Leaf by Swan

We-Vibe Touch II Massager

We Vibe

$129.95 $89.95
Spirit by Leaf Massager

Leaf by Swan

Blush Gaia Eco Biodegradable Vibrator

Blush Novelties

Jimmyjane Little Chroma Bullet Vibrator


$162.95 $74.95
Nalone Rock Magic Wand Massager


$87.95 $79.95
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If you're a little shy about keeping sex toys around the house or introducing them to your partner during romantic play, a personal massager is a good way to get started. While you can still rock your clitoris and get the juices flowing with a massager, you can do so with integrity and class.

Many popular hand held massagers look like anything but vibrators. Leaf by Swan makes the Leaf massager which looks like a cute green leaf. There are many other massagers on the market that you could easily leave out beside your bed without most people guessing their intended use.

Personal massagers have a big advantage over many other vibrating toys: they are not limited to clitoral stimulation. Rub them all over your body to soothe tired muscles or wake up in the morning. Your partner may feel more comfortable using a toy that is shaped like small bullet or leaf than they would a penis-shaped dildo.

You will also find some unexpected products listed among the personal vibrators. How about an oral simulator that turns and caresses much like a tongue? What about a couple's vibrator that looks like a clam shell? You will find many unique products in this category, but they all share one goal: to bring squeal-worthy pleasure into your love life. If it has been awhile since you released a genuine grunt of satisfaction, a massager is what you need.