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Sexy Valentines Gift Ideas for Her 2016


What will you be giving your lover this Valentines? Those who said chocolates and lingerie go to the back of the class. Those who said something sizzling and sexy – welcome!

Make this your sexiest year yet, and increase the pleasure for both of you with the saucy adult toy suggestions below:

1. Doxy Magic Wand – A gift to share

Doxy Wand Massager

This is a great present if you aren’t ready to give your partner a “SEX TOY” (that’s in caps because we’re ironic…) , but you still want to give her something sexy. The Doxy Wand is firstly a great all over body massager. It relieves sore shoulders and aches and pains. So it could be used for that.

BUT it can also be used as a vibrator. This style of Magic Wand Massager has been around for over thirty years and was so popular because women were able to buy them without arousing suspicion that they were buying a vibrator (because in the 80’s women weren’t so erm, open?). Doxy is entirely designed and manufactured in Cornwall in the UK.

See Doxy Wand >>>


2. Rianne S Heart Vibe – A gift to share

Rianne S Heart VibeThis adorable heart is the ultimate couples gift. The 10-speed vibrator is rechargeable, has a powerful motor and is made from medical grade silicone. The heart vibe comes in a playful and fashionable packaging and has a discrete design. It makes the perfect gift for lovers.

Perfect for all over body massage in your most sensitive areas – for him and her!

Buy Rianne S Heart Vibe >>>



3. LELO Tiani 24K Couples Vibe – A gift to share

LELO Tiani 24K

If you’ve got a girlfriend who’s got everything, this is the gift for her. All that glitters is indeed Gold. Immerse yourselves in an ecstasy of gold with LELO’s Tiani 24K.

Yes, this updated version of LELO’s best-selling couples vibrator features a decadant ring of 24 karat gold. This is a collectors item, with each Tiani featuring a unique serial number. These limited edition Tiani 24K are only available for a short time.

Buy Tiani 24K Couples Vibrator>>>


4. L’amourose Prism V

L'amourose Prism VDon’t buy jewellery this Valentines Day, buy L’amourose Prism V! It is a piece of art, that delivers mind-blowing orgasms wrapped in sophistication.

Since the L’amourose Prism V G-Spot Vibrator comes in such vibrant colours and has a decorative design that many women find attractive, it’s the perfect choice for a stimulating gift. It comes with a luxury gift box, so it’s easy to wrap up a present that promises hours of enjoyment in the future. Give the Prism V just one hour to charge, and it will deliver at least two hours of fun time.

Buy L’amourose Prism V Vibrator >>>


5. Liberator Wedge – A gift to share

Liberator WedgeTim Ferriss, bestselling author of “The Four Hour Work Week” says the Wedge is a must-purchase. This is under his section on the 15 minute female orgasm!

The Liberator Wedge is angled at 27 degrees, sloping the body just right to receive pleasure from all angles. Positioning on the wedge will also make oral sex more comfortable on the neck, so there is never a rush to climax. So get your lady comfortable and help her out with the Wedge.

Buy the Wedge by Liberator >>>



6. Magic Motion Flamingo Wearable App Vibrator & Kegel – Good for Long Distance

Magic Motion FlamingoWearable technology now allows you to track and manage practically every part of your life, so why not extend the fun to your love life? Magic Motion designed the Flamingo App Kegel Exerciser to efficiently strengthen your pelvic floor muscles with the built-in kegel training assistant feature, but pleasure is on this app’s menu as well. In fact, this could easily turn into your favourite sex toy for couples play.

Buy Magic Motion Flamingo >>>



7. Kama Sutra Lovers Chocolate Body Paint – A gift to share

Chocolate Body PaintAn excellent stocking stuffer, chocolate body paint is a gateway to fun foreplay and increased intimacy.

You can paint this liquid chocolate all over each other with the supplied paintbrush and then lick or eat it off, or just roll around and make the bedsheets dirty.

Made from milk chocolate.

Buy Chocolate Body Paint >>>


8. LELO Lily 2 – Chocolate & Wine Vibrator

LELO Lily 2

There’s a new way for chocolate and red wine lovers to express their love for the unbeatable combination. LELO’s Lily 2 is an aphrodisiac scented vibrator with a ‘Bordeaux and Chocolat’ aroma (Plum). Other scents available are Rose & Wisteria (Pink) and Lavendar & Manuka Honey (Lavendar).

There’s a science behind why you love the smell of chocolate – and it’s not just because you have a sweet tooth. Cocoa beans contain small levels of tryptophan which is a building block of serotonin – a brain chemical involved in sexual arousal. So you just can’t go wrong in the arousal stakes with a chocolate and wine vibrator!

Buy LELO Lily 2 >>>


9. Kama Sutra Weekender Kit – A gift to share

weekender-kitAn oldy but a goody. Appearing on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Valentines Day wish-list in 2012, this old favourite is a win-win for both the giver and receiver.

Comprising of travel sized: Original Oil of Love to drop on those special zones and create a warming sensation; Spearmint Stimulating Pleasure Balm to rub stimulate and arouse lips, breasts, thighs etc; Sweet Honeysuckle Dust and feather applicator to gently stroke and arouse; Sweet Almond Massage Oil for silky massages and Love Liquid Sensual Lubricant.

Buy Weekender Kit >>>


10. We Vibe 4 Plus – A gift to share

We Vibe 4 Plus

You might all be wondering why this best seller is at bottom of the list. Well, we know you men love giving the We Vibe, and with this app version we thought we’d make you do the hard work by reading all the other offerings first. Because this toy is for you as much as it is for her. The technology, the setting up, you get to still play with your phone and give her attention at the same time…and if she really enjoys it then you’ll also get more sex.

So do we need to say more?

Buy We Vibe 4 Plus >>>



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