Rabbit Vibrators

Buy your rabbit vibrator online, choose from a range of designer rabbit vibrators, all waterproof, some with batteries and others rechargeable. Enjoy the dual stimulation only a rabbit vibrator can provide!

We have Charlotte from Sex and the City to thank for making rabbit vibrators a mainstream sex toy and introducing women around the world to the joys of orgasms thanks to the Jack Rabbit. Simultaneous internal and external stimulation makes it easy for a lot of women to climax using a rabbit vibrator. We recommend the use a water based lubricant to avoid an friction against the skin.

Mimi De Luxe provides a range of rabbit vibrators each with unique multi-speed functions so you (or your partner) can tease your body starting slow and climaxing on a faster, heart pounding setting. Don't forget, Mimi De Luxe offers free discreet shipping in the UK. Shop now!

Guide to Buying the Best Rabbit Vibrator

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50 Shades Of Grey Rabbit Vibrator

50 Shades of Grey

Swan Adore Beauty Vibrator


£169.99 £139.99
LELO Ina 2 Rabbit Vibrator


£104.99 £99.99
Swan Adore Luxury Vibrator


£169.99 £139.99
Swan Adore Power Vibrator


£169.99 £139.99
Je Joue FiFi Rabbit Vibrator

Je Joue

The Silver Swan Vibrator


£104.99 £94.99
The Kissing Swan Vibrator


£123.00 £109.99
Zini Hua First Vibrator


Zini Roae 2.0 Vibrator


The Whooper Swan Vibrator


£94.99 £89.99
Vitality Plus by Leaf Vibrator

Leaf by Swan

£89.99 £74.99
Key By Jopen Ceres Rabbit Vibrator

Key By Jopen